"every great dream begins with a dreamer"



To create a safe space for creativity and artistry to flourish

UDS runs fortnightly practice sessions for beginner to professional dancers to collaborate.

There are also bi-monthly sessions where dancers and drummers practice together. Our practice sessions are aimed at being accessible and inclusive. We do not teach classes; instead we train for performances and facilitate knowledge and skill sharing. 

Increase community exposure, awareness and appreciation of samba music and dance

We do this by performing at community and cultural events voluntarily, for a nominal fee or by donation (depending on the event). 


To make it affordable to enhance the skills of our members and of anyone with an interest in samba

We do this by pricing our practice sessions, events and workshops to cover the costs of running the event. Any profit that is made is reinvested into the community to provide more events. There are no paid staff working for UDS and all members perform their services voluntarily.

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Elis Regina

“Not always winning, not always losing, but learning to play”