We aim to replicate a Brazilian Carnaval Samba School Parade format in Australia.

A traditional Brazilian Carnaval parade is made up of many components, each with its own purpose that contributes essentially to the overall look and feel of the parade.


Anyone can join! have a read through to consider which component you think might suit you and be sure to

SECURE YOUR SPOT! by purchasing from our how to parade section.


Commissão de Frente

Opening Team

This is a highly skilled dancing team with theatrical and technical dance performance skills to open our parade and represent the Samba School.

Princesas e Musas

Princesses and Muses

Additional distinguished members of the samba community who appear directly in front of the sections.

Costumed Alas

Costumed Wing

These sections are made up of choreographed dancing groups who put together a simple routine which is easy to follow.  Each member wears the same colourful costume to add colour and vibrancy to the parade.

Mestre Sala e Porta Bandeira

Flag Bearers

This couple's role is to display the flag of the school to the audience.  The Porto Bandeira carries the flag, spinning and circling her way down the Avenue whilst the Mestre Sala elegantly dances around her paying tribute to the school and drawing attention to the flag itself.

Ala Mirim

Children's Wing

This section is for children only.  Kids love the samba beat! They can dance and sing their way through the avenida, with their parents joining in on the fun as well, following directly behind them to supervise.

Rainha Da Bateria

Queen of the Drums

The Queen of the Drums is a distinguished member of the Samba community, leading the Bateria down the Avenue with grace, charisma, energy and passion.



The heartbeat of the Parade! Our very own B61 Drummers will be providing the rhythmic Rio style samba beat to keep the party going.

Cantores e Músicos

Singers and Musicians

Complimenting the rhythm and adding the musicality are our singers and musicians


Official Dancers of the Samba School

Passistas 61 are our official samba dancers.  They help to keep everyone moving and assist in maintaining the momentum and energy by dancing the entire length of the parade.

Party Ala

Casual Team

No costume required here. It is an open, non choreographed team section.  Just listen to the drums and join the fun.


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