Video Credit: Michael Badell

Bateria  from G.R.E.S. Unidos do Viradouro 

Samba is a Brazilian musical genre and dance style, with its roots in Africa particularly of Angola and the Congo.

Throughout Brazil "Samba" is referred to as a collective style however its speed and sound differ greatly from the Samba De Roda originating in Northwestern State of Bahia to Samba Carioca originating in in Rio De Janeiro.

Other popular styles of Samba include Bossa Nova with its worldwide hit "The Girl from Ipanema"

Samba Pagode and Samba Reggae with one of Bahia's famous groups Olodum featured in Michael Jacksons hit "They Don't Care About Us", 

At Unidos De Sydney we focus on Samba Carioca, the style played for Carnaval in Rio De Janeiro.

If you would like to join us for Carnaval 2019 as a drummer or musician click here to get in touch,

all are welcome from beginners through to experienced musicians.