Curios about joining UDS?


Our current membership is catered to those interested in dance.  If you are interested in drumming please contact the lovely people from B61 directly via their website 

If you would like to join our community, membership is at an affordable fee of $125 per year.  For this you will receive up to 24, 2 hour training sessions every fortnight held in Darlinghurst and 6-10 live bateria sessions a year held in Alexandria.


As a community we design simple dance choreos to compliment the bateria and perform throughout the year at various community and council events.  Performing is not compulsory and our training sessions are intentionally held on Sundays to make sure you are still able to attend your regular samba classes with local dance schools throughout the week.


We are a volunteer based NFP community group so we do not have professional dance instructors.  Our passistas take turns in facilitating each training session where we focus on fitness, samba drills and practising simple choreography.  Its about coming together, being creative, learning from each other, enjoying dance as a community and having fun.


Attendance is flexible, similar to a gym membership, you attend when you are available.  Once you are a member you will have access to practice videos online which mean you can simply train the choreography at home to prepare for upcoming shows.


If you would like to join, click below to pay online and we look forward to seeing you at our next session.