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MESTRE SALA - Marcos Moran!

Born into a show business family in Rio de Janeiro, Marcos Moran has been performing since a young age. Arriving in Australia in the 1980’s at the height of the lambada craze popularised by the group Kaoma, Marcos was ferried around in Sydney by limousine to perform at various events. Expanding into a much larger group, he created Brazilian Fantasy Show, providing quality Brazilian entertainment nationally and internationally, holding various residencies at venues in Japan, the Philippines, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and New Caledonia, as well as several private and corporate events in India. Artists were sourced direct from Brazil, along with the very best of Australian talent and highlights include performing at the Australian Olympics and Paralympics, performances for the television networks, appearances in the Bollywood film Heyy Baby!, creating World Cup events and being part of many small celebrations marking family milestones. He continues to perform with the group as well as teach dance classes.

Marcos has danced in many carnivals in Brazil and is very proud to be the Mestre Sala for Unidos de Sydney’s first parade.​

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PORTO BANDEIRA - Dorina Santos!

Dorina is extremely passionate about Brazilian culture and has been involved in the Aussie/Brazilian community for over 20 years.


She started with capoeira before moving to music and dance. She has a deep love and appreciation for the Afro roots of the culture as the foundation and cornerstone for the more modern forms of samba.