Brazilian Dance Presenter LAURO SOUSA!

Lauro was born and bred in Brazil, he grew up in a cultural atmosphere and dance was in him since he was young.  A dancer since 14, his feet have never stopped since.


His dance career started in 2000 as a dancer in the 'Cia de Artes' in Sao Paulo, dancing various styles in a project installed at the local circus school with approximately 200 performers.


He trained in various styles of dance including Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop with lead dancer David Alvarenga, as well as workshops and courses in Afro Brazilian, traditional Brazilian music, Samba, Afoxe and Maracatu with Vera Oliveira.  With a passion for Samba in 2011 he joined samba schools Rosas de Ouro and Tom Maior, where he trained and performed in Sao Paulo.


Lauro moved to Australia in 2013 and soon joined the Brazilian entertainment industry where he officially began his training and career as a professional dancer and performer.  Lauro is also a popular Zumba Instructor and choreographer for the Association for Brazilian Bilingual Children's Development (ABCD).


"Dancing, choreographing and performing is my passion. The reason is simple, every dance I have the opportunity to create an authentic and fun flair choreography.” Lauro Sousa