Mission Statement

To unite the community of samba dancers and create a common ground to practice, learn and create together using the energy that comes from a live bateria


UDS Passista Membership Includes:

24 x 2 hour Passista training sessions per year

6-10 Live Bateria sessions per year (spaces are limited)

Access to our private passista community facebook page, where we share events and information

Ability to train and perform in our community events throughout the year


Membership Rules and Guidelines

As a Passista of Unidos De Sydney I understand:


  • I am a guest of the Bateria
  • If I wish to perform with Bateria 61 as a passista of the school, I must learn all choreography and breaks and attend practice sessions on a regular basis
  • I need to respect and be kind to all other members
  • That this is a practice ground and not a dance class
  • In this space I only represent Unidos De Sydney
  • All music and choreography developed by the group cannot be used for any other purposes outside of the School
  • I need to make an active contribution to the group by volunteering my time and skills where needed
  • The uniform cannot be worn for performances unrelated to Unidos De Sydney
  • All performances are voluntary and unpaid
  • I am responsible for my own safety
  • I cannot utilise the facebook page for self-promotion purposes. Announcements are encouraged however are limited to “housekeeping” at the beginning of each training session
  • Unidos De Sydney is a non-profit organisation and all membership fees collected are solely used for the continuation of the School and its events at the discretion of its Board.
  • Members who are Samba professionals are not obliged to provide training or advice to other members during Passista sessions.
  • Failure to abide by these rules and guidelines may lead to being removed from the group

Passista Membership